Below you will find SPOT Festival's terms and conditions, which apply to the purchase of tickets for SPOT Festival or other SPOT Festival events. You automatically accept the terms and conditions below if you purchase tickets at SPOT Festival.


SPOT Festival
Vester Allé 15
8000 Aarhus C

Website: spotfestival.dk
Email: info@spotfestival.dk
Telephone: +45 71 74 71 22
VAT number: 32586317

Questions regarding your purchases can be made on telephone number +45 71 74 71 22 or by email: ticket@spotfestival.dk
We are on the phone Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. - and of course also answers emails during that time.

Before you place your order, you will get an overall overview of your order, the total amount you have to pay (including VAT and fees) and so on. You have the option to refrain from completing your order at this time - but after the final order has been placed, the order can no longer be cancelled.

You can pay with regular payment cards and MobilePay on our ticket purchase page.
SPOT Festival is a cashless festival, so you do not have the opportunity to buy tickets in cash - not even when attending the festival itself.

When buying a ticket, a fee is added to the ticket price. The fee appears in the order overview.

Upon final placing of the order, you will receive an email with confirmation of your purchase.
You also have the option of logging into our ticket system with the user profile you created as part of the purchase flow. When you are logged into the system, you will also be able to view and download your ticket.

When attending the festival, remember to bring your ticket - either as a printout or as a readable PDF on your mobile phone. Let's take care of nature, so only print if strictly necessary.

When you arrive at the festival, we will exchange your ticket for a festival wristband. A ticket can only be used once to exchange for a festival wristband, so when we have first scanned your ticket and issued your festival wristband, your ticket is registered as 'used' in our system and can no longer be used.

If your festival wristband is damaged, you must go to the festival's ticket exchange and bring the damaged wristband with you. Then we exchange the wristband for a new one.

Cf. section 18, subsection 2, no. 12 of the Danish 'Consumer Contracts Act' there is no right of cancellation on purchased tickets.

Tickets purchased for SPOT Festival give access to the festival as a whole. Due to the limited and very different capacities of the festival's many indoor stages, we cannot guarantee that all the festival's audience will be able to enter all concerts presented at SPOT Festival. In other words, you are not guaranteed access to a specific concert at SPOT Festival - but the number of tickets sold is always below the total capacity of the festival's stages combined.
In other words, lack of access to certain concerts does not give access to complaints.

Like all other festivals, SPOT Festival unfortunately also occasionally experiences changes in the announced programme. This may be due to artists' illness, production difficulties at specific venues, transport problems, etc.
In such cases, SPOT Festival will try to replace a canceled artist with another artist, but we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible.
Cancellations and changes will appear on the festival's website and app. Cancellations and changes to the programme do not constitute rights to complaints.

Purchased tickets are only refunded in case the entire festival is cancelled. Tickets are automatically refunded by SPOT Festival's ticket operator VenueManager.

You have the right to resell your ticket to a new buyer, but you must be aware that - according to the Danish 'Act on resale of tickets granting access to cultural and sporting events' - you may not sell your ticket for a profit. You must therefore sell your ticket for a maximum of the same price as you paid for the ticket yourself.
We reserve the right to cancel a resold ticket if we have reason to suspect that the ticket has been resold in a way that contravenes current legislation. In the event that we cancel a ticket, no refund/replacement can be claimed.

Be aware of attempted scams with the resale of SPOT Festival tickets. SPOT Festival only sells tickets for the festival via Venue Manager's ticket sales platform, so we recommend that you jump to spotfestival.dk and use the links from there for our ticket sales. That way, you are sure to buy tickets from the festival's official ticket operator.

As soon as a ticket is used (scanned into the festival's ticket-for-festival-wristband exchange), the ticket is registered as used and may therefore not be resold to third parties.

If you buy tickets for, for example, resale, for use as prizes in competitions or the like, you must obtain permission for this in advance from SPOT Festival (at ticket@spotfestival.dk).

For a number of special events in connection with SPOT, registration in advance or the purchase of a special extra ticket for specific events may be necessary. There will also be open events during the festival, where there will be free entry - also for people without tickets. Here, a festival ticket gives no special rights in relation to access to the event.

In the case of the above special access conditions, this will appear clearly from the individual program descriptions on the festival's website (spotfestival.dk).

The festival's main program takes place on Friday and Saturday, but on the Thursday before the festival and the Sunday after, there may be events and arrangements on the program or in the city - mainly organized by a number of external organizers. A number of these events will typically have free entry, while others will require separate payment. For the latter, unless otherwise stated under the description of the individual event on the festival's website (spotfestival.dk), a SPOT wristband will not grant free access to these.

Children under 12 have free entry if they are accompanied by an adult (over 18) with a valid SPOT Festival ticket.

With a valid companion card from Danske Handicaporganisationers Brugerservice (or equivalent from abroad) you can bring one companion to SPOT Festival free of charge. You just need to buy a regular ticket for yourself. When you and your companion arrive at the festival, you must go to the festival's ticket exchange (see spotfestival.dk for information on location). Here your companion gets a single day wristband for the SPOT Festival. There's no need to contact us in advance - as long as you can present one valid ticket and a valid companion card, you're good to go.

Note: Even if you have purchased an 'All Days' ticket and have the same companion for all three days, your companion must still be issued a new one-day wristband each day. If you need more than one companion, or there are other special circumstances that we can help with, write us an email at info@spotfestival.dk

A number of SPOT Festival's stages are located at venues and cultural centers which have installed video surveillance for security reasons. When you participate in the festival, you have given permission to be recorded on the security equipment of the individual venues and cultural centers and are subject to the conditions in this context under which the individual venue/cultural center operates. Terms and conditions can be requested directly from the individual venue/cultural center and not through SPOT Festival.

SPOT Festival also reserves the right to take pictures and record video of you for use in the festival's own marketing and communication. Recording and distribution will take place in accordance with the EU's GDPR regulations.

SPOT Festival disclaims any direct or indirect financial responsibility, as a result of the cancellation of all or parts of the festival as a result of external circumstances for which SPOT Festival has no control over or should have taken into account with ordinary due diligence (force majeure).

SPOT Festival disclaims any direct or indirect financial responsibility as a result of full or partial cancellation of SPOT Festival, changes in the festival's programme, physical location, capacity, etc. as a result of delay, loss of earnings and any other direct or indirect financial loss.

Danish law applies to any dispute regarding the purchase of tickets for SPOT Festival and other events organized by SPOT Festival.

We reserve the right for errors in the texts on both our ticket sales page and on spotfestival.dk